Speedy Products in Root Canal – The Basics

Dentists often times, perform root canals on infected or damaged teeth in an attempt to save them. These often times, work enough to keep the dentist from pulling the teeth to cure the problem. This is one of the speedy products that a dental professional can offer to you to solve your issues with your teeth in some cases. People used to cringe at the thought of this procedure years ago because of the pain involved, but today local anesthetics and other advances have dramatically lowered the pain felt during the procedure.

Examination and X-rays

The dentist will first do a set of X-ray examinations to help him determine if you need a root canal. He will make sure the tooth cannot be remedied with just a normal filling before deciding on the root canal. The dental professional should also explain exactly why you need the root canal so that you understand the procedure. Once determined that you need to procedure, the office staff for the dentist will schedule an appointment for the procedure. In some cases, more than one appointment is necessary to do the complete procedure.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The dentist will first provide you with a local anesthesia to keep you from feeling any pain during the procedure. Once you are sufficiently numb, then he will start to drill into the crown of the tooth to access the infected or damaged root. The dental professional will remove all the damaged or infected tissue inside the tooth. He will irrigate as he goes to make sure all the debris is removed from inside the tooth. This will also cleanse the tooth. The dentist will then fill the canals of the tooth with permanent material called gutta-percha. This material will keep the tooth free from any contamination or infection. A temporary filling is then placed on top of this material until it is replaced with a permanent filling or a crown whichever one is called for in your particular situation. This is where a second appointment is necessary. If you need a crown the measurements will be taken so the crown can be ordered, then at your next appointment the crown will be cemented onto your tooth. (You may just need a filling instead of the crown, but many times the crown is needed after a root canal procedure.)

Regular dental checkups, with a dentist, you can prevent many serious issues from occurring with your teeth. Call us today to schedule your appointment to see what is going on with your teeth. We will help you avoid the need for a root canal whenever possible, but will perform one if necessary to cure your issue with your tooth. Act today to protect your oral health.